About Us

Who are we

A company providing a classifieds platform for new and used cars

When were we established

Created in 2010 and a registered company in 2011 VAT registered in 2014

Why we were created

The need for a cheaper alternative with flexible search criteria and the ability to search for multiple cars at once

What we offer

Easy to manage classified ads for new and used cars for car dealerships and private individuals looking to buy and sell cars.

Our features currently include:

  • Advertising a car instantly
  • One fair pricing structure of £2.00 per car per week including VAT
  • Up to 52 week advertising for any individual car
  • Automatic upload of stock based on dealers list
  • Branded Car Adverts for car dealers
  • Private contact seller functionality to protect the sellers email from spam
  • Advertisement contact details including Phone, website, social media links
  • Car Dealership search including all car dealerships currently advertising cars for sale
  • Saved searches for review later
  • Add cars to favorites list
  • Mobile access for car searching

What we hope to achieve

  • A trusted service to work with car dealerships to give them the products they desires to operate the best service for their customers
  • A constantly evolving and growing platform based on customer feedback and their requirements
  • A single payment structure which works on the basis of the right car for the right buyer not the biggest marketing budget and does not punish either the buyer or seller
  • A simple to use search service which allows flexibility and choice for the user to narrow down the correct cars for their taste